Salomon X-Trail Run 2014

I have never done a trail run before, for various reasons (excuses).  I missed the Green Corridor Run earlier this year in favor for a vacation to Indonesia.  I live in the “city area” – trails are too much of a hassle to get to.  I don’t have a pair of trail running shoes.  Trail running seems dangerous… you know, falling and stuff.  LOL hence was naturally skeptical when friends wanted to join an fb-organized group ($10 discount for g-registration) to sign up for the Salomon X-Trail Run 2014.  Decided to go ahead nonetheless, for the xp.

Was half-intending to use my regular New Balance runners despite it being a little meh on wet surfaces (i.e. when the floors in shopping malls get mopped), then this pretty pair from TNF caught my eye when I popped by The Running Lab one afternoon.

TNF shoes

There.  Trail shoes, obtained!  Phew ~ took it out for a run on the pavement @ East Coast Park one evening, and decided that it was comfortable enough to “risk it” for the 10k w/o much breaking in.

Day of run, Saturday 22 November 2014, I gathered some of my running mates at Punggol MRT Station (gah, so far!), we took a short walk to the race site where we met up with the rest of the party.

Salomon groupThe mandatory pre-race group picture 

As usual, the group split up after the start line, as everyone has differing paces.

Barely 200m into the run, I arrived at Choke Point #1 – a tiny slope down & up again.  tbh, I have no freaking idea why is that an issue to so many people.  Volunteers had to even stand there to pull peeps up the slope.  When I mean tiny, I mean TINY – like 3 steps up?  Gosh… not to sound like a elitist jerk, but that made me wonder whether most participants have even gone hiking before /rolleyes.

After that was a little bit of grass, the pavement, then Choke Point #2.  A road.  Where we had to wait for the cars to pass before running along it.  WTF?  Didn’t the organizers arrange for a lane closure or something?  Despite me not being there to win it, such stoppages are pace-breaking and seriously detrimental against my run timing.  That is something I care about.  I wasn’t looking at my phone, but I daresay it was another 3-4min lost there, on top of the 7-8min at Choke Point #1.

The rest of the run was uneventful, along the boardwalk, some pavements, a little bit of grass… it was till the last kilometer that we actually hit a real “trail”.  Unfortunately, by then, it was no longer a run – everyone was walking in there.  Yes, WALKING.  It wasn’t even a particularly difficult trail… le sigh.

Just look at my splits…


tbh, I enjoyed most of the run.  It felt good running on grass instead – felt that I could have gone faster, and it was a new area to me, so it was a nice change of scenery.  But I hated the choke points and the “big walk” when we hit the actual trail…

Salomon soloHuffing & puffing up a little slope

 Not too sure if I’d wanna attend any more trail run events, but I daresay this wouldn’t be the last time I hit the trails – would arrange to do some casual runs at MacRitchie area sometime in the future.  I mean… I already have the shoes so why the heck not rite?  (^_^)V


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