Boo to Goo

The distance runners I know swear by energy gels – yep, that thick blob of sickeningly sweet stuff that runners consume while running.  Ugh.  I’m disgusted merely thinking about it.

*sigh* it is also a fact that I likely need fuel mid-run.  Hit the Wall really hard during my first attempt of a half-marathon a couple months ago.  It was unpleasant, and most peeps are telling me to gel it up past the 10k mark to prevent a reoccurrence.  Fine, fine, FINE.

I gave in, picked up 2 pkts of Gu Energy Gel – Lemon Sublime & some Triple Berry thingy at a race pack collection and kept it lying around on the table.  Couldn’t bring myself to rip the packaging open and squeeze all that stuff down my throat.  Till today.

The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (“SCMS”) is this Sunday.

I’ll be taking part in the Half Marathon category, and my mind tells me that it’s now or never – cos if I consume that on race day itself, and react badly, my entire run will be a worse nightmare than hitting the Wall again.  I opened the Lemon Sublime packet during my bus ride to work earlier.


Attempt 1: Squeezed a little “droplet” of it onto my tongue, where it stayed forever, until I managed to swallow it with much difficulty.  Oookaaayyy.

Attempt 2: Took a slightly larger dollop that caused me to have a gag reflex when it reached the back of my mouth.  Took a deep breath and gulped it down then washed with some water.

Attempt 3: Tried to overcome the mental disgust, failed.  Swallowed it anyway and felt horrible.

Eventually ended up tossing the ½ consumed packet into the bin upon alighting.

Granted that there are heaps of options out there, of various flavors and viscidity, but I honestly think, gels aren’t the thing for me.  The texture is a huge turn off.  Will probably resort to energy blocks instead.  Hoping that I can find some discounted at the Race Expo later… if not, well, regular gummy bears will have to suffice this time.

I am so not prepared.


7 responses to “Boo to Goo

  1. I do not like gels either. I always carry them in case of emergency.
    Dates are rich in carbs and easy chewable so when I go out for a long run, I usually eat one every mile or so.
    Maybe that’s an option?

  2. I have a friend living in Malaysia who swears by dodol ( for long distance running.

  3. Try gummy bears

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