True Fitness: True Harassment

Further to my post regarding gym memberships a week ago (specifically the PS. section @ the end), I’d like to make a correction.  True Fitness are not calling me 1-2x a week.  They are calling me more often than that.  I only realized it when I looked @ my phone log on Mon evening… after I received an unpleasant call from one of their customer services personnel (an elaboration can be read from the screenshot of my complaint email below).

This is harassment and this is unacceptable.

As mentioned, I have sent “feedback” via their website feedback form (no FB page, what? – probably to avoid a wall full of complaints lol), the contents of which can be read below.

TF feedback

Kudos to them though, that they actually responded in good time.  The day after.  With a very… generic email no less, which totally disregarded the part about Herman’s shitty customer svc attitude… but well, at this point of time, I really not expecting much from them anymore.  I mean, what kinda company, harasses their customers this way to begin with?

TF response

30 working days to for changes to an updated database to take effect.  LOL ~ I wonder what kinda system they are using.  Message carrying pigeons?

Oh… and on the same day I received Ben’s email, guess who gave me a missed call?

TF Phone SpamScreenshot taken on the evening of Tues, 31.03.2015

This time I didn’t call back.  What I did though, was attach the above screenie in an email to Ben earlier this morning…

TF response 2b

Who replied me with…

TF response 3

Now am just keeping my fingers crossed and seeing how all this plays out.

Unfortunately, this incident made me half regret signing on with TF.  Yes, despite all their positives, as mentioned before, their harassment is top notch.  I have never gotten such nonsense from Amore ever.  The most they did was approach me after my workout and the occasional phone call to inform me of promotions & stuff.  They backed off when I told them I’m uninterested, and there was never an issue about the staff calling me more than once regarding the same thing.  Follow-ups regarding my “maybe” excluded, they did understand No meant NO – something TF seems to have difficulty with.

What am I gonna do about this?  Well… there’s really nothing much I can do considering that my gym package with them will last 4 years.  For sure though, I’ll take THIS into consideration when it’s time to do membership shopping once again in the future.

Well dear TF, I don’t know if you care since I’m no VIP & I don’t have a huge sphere of influence… but… you just might have lost a customer.



2 responses to “True Fitness: True Harassment

  1. Hello, i came across your blog as I am contemplating leaving Amore after 5 years to join True once my contract is up in September, but now I am not sure. Amore is getting a little boring after quite a number years here as now I mainly train by myself with weights etc but the specialty for Amore is mainly the classes. While True has better facilities in terms of weights, machines and Les Mills classes, I have severe phobia as well of their sales tactics as I was a member in 2009 for a year so I have seen how annoying they can get.
    Decisions! 😦

    • ikr, they drove me insane back then. lol ~ am pleased to say though, the aggressive telemarketing has stopped since my email complaint. Guess they actually DO take action when customers make sufficient… noise 😛

      Now half a year in, I’d say that I miss the flexibility of Amore classes – being less crowded, I mostly just walk-in as and whenever I have the mood. Trying to book TF classes during peak hours (I’m in CBD) is insane ie. last night, I was trying to book BodyCombat for Thurs, the phone app gave me a loading error at 23:58 and when I managed to load the page at 23:59, class is Full. lol ~ but Amore is way too expensive to continue with. TF locations are better for me too. Ah well… win some, lose some.

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