Running Again. Slowly.

I went for my third (ugh, can you imagine the unseen damage I am taking) & final x-ray regarding my toe fracture on Sat.  Doc’s words, not quoted exactly though – it’s about 80% heal, and is about 50% of its former strength.  She continued to say that light running can be attempted, but it is very important to NOT ignore pain as there is the risk that the bone might re-crack… and that though it’s healing, it generally takes around 6 mths from date of impact to regain full strength.

On Sunday, I went for my first run in slightly more than 2 months.

It was an informal fun run, organized by a local Facebook-originated group, the Gei Gei Running Club (in Hokkien, Gei Gei means “pretense” – in this case, Gei Gei running means you are pretending to run lol).  Held in a park @ Bishan, the event is titled the Gei Gei Park-Tor Runparktor being word play on paktor which means “dating”.

The turn-out was fantastic!  I didn’t count but I daresay attendance was slightly more than 100, though officially, there were only 100 slots “open for registration”.  I attended the event with fellow members of the Little Toys Runners (“LTR”) and we too were out in force.  Our ‘group’ has gotten larger over the past few mths, and it was rare that we have this many peeps register & attend a single event.  I suspect our next bigger turn out will be the 50hrs Non-Stop Run though am not sure whether we are all reporting at the same time.

geigeiPhoto Credit: Michael Cheng, GGRC

Anyway, we ran a little, walked a little… and took heaps of pictures!  LOL ~ yeah I daresay we took more pix than we actually ran, but most importantly, at the end of the day, we had loads of fun.  It reminded me of how much I enjoyed attending run events with my friends (though I’m the kind who would much prefer to train solo), how annoying waking up early on a weekend is and most importantly, how much I missed running.


My splits were mediocre.  This is definitely NOT what I am capable of, but right now I am satisfied that I’m hitting the pavement again.  Gotta constantly remind myself to take it easy to prevent a re-injury.  Yes, that is despite me having my first ever full marathon, the GCAM, coming up in 2 months.  My goal is to finish within the cut-off period of 6hrs 30min.  It might seem like an easy task for more seasoned runners, but I think it’ll be quite the struggle.  Am not even certain whether my IT band issue has been fixed or otherwise *mumbles*

All that being said, I wonder… should I attempt to reinstate my FM entry for the Phuket Marathon.  Seems kinda reckless to think that I can prepare for a full in a month huh?

Wish me luck no matter what d(^_^)b


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