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Why do I blog & who am I blogging for?

I started off with an intention to have a collection of thoughts, emotions & experiences – stuff that occasionally sends my brain into overdrive.  Transcribing some of them into the words generally allows me to decipher them better, keep them slightly more under control and hence retain any semblance of sanity.  A bonus is that I’ve always loved writing (^_^)V

Having an online journal of my own led me to explore other blogs on topics that I’m interested about, and as a result, I was able to gather much inspiration and motivation from others… especially in the area of fitness & running.   Reading the experiences of others makes me feel less alone, and am glad that every one of you cared enough to share your journey.  For that, I wish to pay it forward.  While I don’t have delusions of grandeur that this tiny little blog will inspire the millions, I’m hoping that somewhere somehow someone will relate to what I have written.

What do I blog about?

Anything and everything – gaming, cross stitch, running, a movie, an upcoming vacation, something I ate, something I read on the news… etc.


Not all images posted in the blog are mine.  Those taken off other websites/blogs will be credited with a link back to the origin, unless stated otherwise.  Not too sure what the actual copyright laws are (and am too lazy to research them), but should anyone have an issue with any image being used, do let me know and I’ll fix it accordingly.  That being said, likewise, should anyone use any of the original images that I’ve uploaded, do provide a link back to this blog – I could use the publicity! 😀

Contact Me.

Email: azsharas.veil@gmail.com | Facebook: Erulisse Ainarielle | Bnet BattleTag: Erulisse#1918 | FFXIV: Erulisse Stormblade (Tonberry) | Nintendo 3DS FC: 1907-9493-7747 |


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