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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Beautiful landscapes, nicely choreographed fight scenes, lovely sets & costumes – that pretty sums up the movie.  Oh, and Lady Galadriel is absolutely stunning.  I knew I’d enjoy the movie… and enjoy it I did, despite the slow pace at the start.  The pace picked up slightly midway & was pretty comfortable till the end.  It didn’t even feel that I’ve been in the cinema for that long.

Haha yeah, am probably biased.  I loved the LOTR series, with The Two Towers being my favorite (the Battle of Helm’s Deep was fking epic).  I wouldn’t call myself a fangirl.  I haven’t read the book fully, gotten through maybe a third of it or so.  I do intend to complete it someday though, along with the other novels on my (pretty long) to-read-list.  I’ll probably read The Hobbit as well.

The movie stirred up a few wants in me.

Dungeons & Dragons

Mostly, it made me wanna play Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) again.  It’s been a while.  I used to have a group that played like fortnightly but due to a falling out with one of the members, I quit cos I didn’t wanna have anything to do with that turd.  Oh no, it’s not what you think.  He’s my friend’s ex-bf.  And he was a prick.  No prizes for guessing what the drama was regarding.

I’ve still got my dice.  Now I just gotta find a group that I can gel with and find time to commit for regular games.    During a game session, anything can happen.  The storyline is determined by the actions of the players & the manipulation of the DM.  No 2 sessions are ever the same.  This is what I love about D&D.  It’s something that WoW can never replicate.  Nothing beats spending the night embarking on an epic quest, venturing into dungeons, exploring new towns, downing ale in a tavern and of cos… slaying goblins, orcs & trolls.

What?  Do I hear the “no life” comment again?

LoTR in cross-stitch

Now I really wanna get HAED’s “Middle Earth Large”… and this new chart “Honor Restored”


Missed the 35% X’Mas Sale, now I’ve gotta wait for the next one 😦  Ah well… I’ve got QS Heather to look forward to.  Less than a week now!  Fabric has been bought, cost more than I thought as apparently the price tag on the bale of cloth wasn’t the right one – didn’t know till I brought it to the counter!  gg Spotlight.  Will get fabric online next time instead considering the selection at Spotlight is kinda pathetic & the prices are even higher than getting them from UK or US based websites.  Anyway, “damage” has been done.  Bought quite a huge piece of fabby so the remainder could be used for other projects – might even fit another QS in there… if not then it might just be the excuse I need to start some of the ones I’ve been eyeing from magazines.

Perhaps I should start a stitching rotation, like some of the ladies on the BB & fb group do, to ensure that I don’t neglect a piece for too long.  Mhmm… and yeah, perhaps I should start setting attainable goals for the additional motivation too.  I DO intend to finish up the Goddess of Mercy someday!

Vacation: New Zealand

Red Carpet Tours – gee, the Classic 12 Day LOTR tour does look appealing, though extremely expensive (for me, that is)!  NZ$4,975 for twin sharing and not all meals are covered.  In fact, most meals are not.  10 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners… that’s all one will get.  Not to mention, pretty sure wherever the tour stops for meals, it’ll be places that are not for the budget traveler.  Guess this is more like a luxury thing… something that I might look into for a honeymoon (no one skimps on their honeymoon right? lol) or after retirement (when am too old to “rough it out” anymore).

Nonetheless, I might just go for a budget trip to NZ sometime in the future anyway.  Got my eye on bungee jumping and sky diving… and that’s like the best option so far.  Mhmm… I wonder how much of the stuff seen in the Hobbit movie are real places.  Looks like there is quite a good no. of hiking trails too!