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Sul Sul \(^_^)

For those who don’t already know, that’s Simlish for “Hello”.

IMG_6862The Sims 4 Collector’s Edition get!

Like many other fans out there, I pre-ordered and collected my copy of the game right after work yesterday evening.  The collector’s edition set me backwards S$114.00 and being at Qisahn means being exposed to temptation, which resulted in me obtaining a pre-owned copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for S$39.90.  Thankfully I stayed away from the PlayStation 3/4 stuff.  But with Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call out in another 2 weeks and with that 2nd visit, I’ll definitely be picking up a PS4 game or 2 – I mean, I do have a console w/o games right now, I certainly am gotta have to watch my spending for the rest of the month! 

k ~ back to the topic on hand.  The Sims 4. 

Reason why I purchased the Collector’s Ed for S$24.10 more instead of simply getting the Digital Deluxe edition is for the “interactive plumbob statue” made by Steel Series.  That cute little item, plugged into the USB port, is supposed to change color according to the mood of the Sims in game. 


It is tinier than I’d expected it to be, but no less delightful.  However, I have no idea how to get it to work like it should.  I’m probably doing something wrong, but for the entire night, my plumbob remained green, even when my Sim’s mood went into the red due to sleep deprivation and being tense around people.  It became my night light.  Am pretty disappointed though, and am keeping fingers crossed that it ain’t broken, and am gonna try my utmost to figure it out later – google didn’t help, didn’t manage to obtain any info about it anywhere. 

Plumbob statue aside, the CE also came with a hardcover Sims Creation guide – naise! 

The game took a while to install, but it was an easy process.  Insert disc, follow instructions on screen, Origin loads automatically, files get copied, click “install” and wait.  Getting started is simple too, with the “tutorial” on hand. 

I am impressed by the functions available in Create-A-Sim (“CAS”).  Yeah the demo was out for quite a bit but I never got down to trying that out due to other distractions lol.  There are pre-made templates for heads, facial features, body types and outfits for peeps who are “lazy” (fyi, I belong in this category) but for those who are willing to go an extra mile, you are free to customize almost everything!  Simply click, and drag to satisfaction. 

It took me almost an hour to finish my 1st Sim.  Nadine Schaeffer.  The name was randomized.  Short red hair, tattoos, wears glasses, dressed in an everyday attire of a tank top & shorts.  Her aspiration is to be a Computer Whiz and her traits are Geeky, Active and Loner.  “So God created mankind in his own image” [Genesis 1:27].  Nadine was clearly crafted loosely in mine, though unfortunately, neither do I have that perfect figure nor the short red hair (anymore) she possesses LOL. 

When I finally moved her in and played the game, my first amazement is at how beautiful the world is.  The graphics are just awesome.   ** Do note though, that I was playing on Tyrael (my partner’s Alienware gaming PC) with Ultra settings, and that I have never played The Sims 3 on High (most of my options were middle or low as Phoenix isn’t as huge a powerhouse).

Nadine 01Nadine playing The Sims on the computer at home 

Gameplay feels familiar yet different.  It’s the same thing as all the previous versions of the game – you control a Sim (or more), and live a Life.  Eat, shower, socialize, work… etc. etc.  A huge difference between TS4 and TS3 though, are the Moods that the Sim gets into.  Moods that stem from the Sim’s traits, triggered by outside stimuli.  And with those Moods, come the Whims and mood-related Interactions that the Sim is able to perform only when under ‘influence’ of the particular Mood. 

Nadine 03Hanging out at the nightclub 

Taking a “Steamy Shower” after dinner put Nadine into a “Flirty” mood which resulted in her having the Whim of wanting to Embrace someone (Romantic > Embrace).  Hence I decided to take her to the Nightclub where she chatted a few male Townies.  While ordering a drink at the bar, she got into a multi-conversation with the male Sim she was trying to pick up and the other Sims hanging around.  As Nadine is a Loner by nature, she started to feel uncomfortable in that social situation and ended up being Tense.  Needless to say, she didn’t manage to indulge in her Whim of giving a romantic embrace, for that Whim got replaced to wanting to take a bath the sec her Mood changed from Flirty to Tense. 

Nadine 02Learning programming at the local library 

The Sims 4 now also allows the Sims to multitask.  During her trip to the local library, Nadine managed to practice programming while chatting with 2 other Sims who shared the table.  lol ~ yeah, that too resulted in her getting tense after sometime, but whatever.   It was a wonderful improvement to how a Sim can only do one thing at a time previously – makes it all the more realistic. 

With the limited time I had last nite (I did go for an evening swim after work & a late dinner after), I didn’t manage to explore more, and my experience with the Buy Mode was minimal, the Build Mode pretty much zilch so I have no idea how much better/worse those are. 

The camera controls drove me nuts a little, but I believe it’s just a matter of getting used to… and yep, that’s about all the rambles I have for the game at this point of time.  The plumbob statue is what irks me quite a bit right now.  I really do hope that I’ll be able to make it work later!