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Sunrise in the City


A health programme launched by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (“HPB”), Sunrise in the City (“SITC”) offers working adults “a window of opportunity on the weekday mornings […] to energize themselves before a day’s work, and to work towards the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity.” [source].

In a nutshell, it’s free workout classes @ fitness gyms such as True Fitness, Amore Fitness, Fitness First… etc.

Yep.  FREE.

Aerobic classes, mind-body classes, stretch classes… there is an amazing range available.  Most of the gym locations are in town though, right smack in the CBD district.

Despite me not being a morning person, I wish I had known about this sooner.  I mean… I knew that they had group workouts in the open and in malls – stumbled upon them, and I knew they organize group running sessions.  I simply wasn’t interested in either of those since I already have an active gym membership with Amore Fitness (“Amore”).

This is what I’ve wanted all along – the opportunity to hit the gym before work (this is one of the main reasons why I’m not gonna extend my Amore membership after it expires – they open too late), leaving my evenings empty for other stuff like swimming, jogging & dinner gatherings.  Sure, I can go for a jog in the mornings instead, but face it, no way in hell I’ll be able to get off that comfy bed on my own accord.

Registering for the classes provided by HPB will be the kick-in-butt that I require.  It is a commitment.  Not a financial one… more of an ethical one cos it is plain irresponsible to register for something, depriving others of spots, and then proceed to do a no show.

My first class will be Body Combat @ True Fitness (“TF”), Suntec City next Friday.

I have heard good stuff about this particular class from friends who attend TF, so am looking forward to it.  The only part that I’m not hyper about is waking up at that ridiculous hour.  Class starts 7:30am.

Anyway my other objective is to check out as many gyms as possible, and hence have registered for a variety of classes – Body Balance, Yoga and circuit training with TF Chevron House, True Yoga (“TY”), Contours Express (“CE”) and Fitness First (“FF”).

Registration is easy anyway.  Enter details, declare medical condition, select slots and submit online.

Was admittedly a tad trigger friendly, plonking down 1 session/week in Dec and 2/week in Jan.  Keeping fingers crossed that I’ll b able to see it thru’ – Good Luck to Me!! o(^_^)b