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Why live on the edge, when you can jump off it!

A totally valid “question” that ‘greeted’ me as I stepped outta the lift, onto the 61st floor of the Macau Tower.

Yes, the Macau Tower is home to the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world, operated by the renowned AJ Hackett.  233m / 764ft high.  The main reason that drew me to the extravagant city of Macau.

It all started off with my partner having to take a short work trip to Hong Kong (“HK”).  As it was gonna be a Monday that he had to be in the office, and as he has never visited HK prior, he planned to arrive during the weekend to do some sight-seeing.  As HK was kinda sorta somewhat on my to-go list due to amazing dim sum, I opted to tag along.  The plan was mainly HK plus a day trip to Macau since it’s just a ferry ride away.

As I was planning the trip itinerary, by some coincidence, my partner saw a vid that his brother uploaded onto fb, about him doing the bungy off Macau Tower.  Around the same time, a friend of mine did the same jump (though she didn’t upload her vid).  Long story short, the trip was planned with bungy being the pinnacle, and it went on ahead despite the work trip ending up being cancelled.

We opted for the Bungy & Skywalk X Combo – basically walking around the perimeter of the tower, then taking a leap off the edge.  At MOP3,740 (about S$560.00) for the full package, it sure as heck didn’t come cheap and took a hefty chunk outta my vacation funds.  Did I regret it?  NO.

The Skywalk X was first.  There were 5 of us in the group.  Tethered to cables, we were lead 1x around the tower, stopping for photo shots in various positions now and then.  I never had a fear of heights, and got accustomed to the height pretty quickly while some in my group were experienced trembling legs (lol).  The view up there was amazing.  It was an… interesting experience, though I gotta say it was nothing too extraordinary.


Then came THE event that I was anticipating for weeks for.  The Bungy Jump.

Got fitted with some harnesses, weighed and then sat on metal chair where the bungy cord was strapped on.


The staff then did a short briefing about how the jump was gonna be like, and instructed that I am to tug on a rope to detach the bungee cord when I’m on the rebound.  My own concern then was that I’ll either forget or be unable to do so in midair, but I was assured that it’s fine even if that happens.  Ok.


The flash of hesitation came when I was standing at the edge.  tbh, I was not given much time to fear.  Hobbled up there, stuck my hands out, the staff ‘adjusted’ my head to look forward, I felt a little nudge… next thing I knew, I was off the edge.


And then I was… falling…


As I plummeted headfirst towards the ground, I had a strange sense of euphoria that was probably caused by the adrenalin.  I didn’t want the jump to end.  Unfortunately though, I probably didn’t keep my body in the ‘right posture’ as I somehow did a flip midair and ended up falling the rest of the way backwards… lol, I think that killed the “rush” a little though it was still an amazing experience!!

My initial concern about being unable to detach the cord turned out to be valid as I only managed to do it on the 3rd attempt, after the 3rd rebound.  Yep, I was suspended upside down the entire way till the cord was released.  haha ~ that itself was pretty fun too o(^_^)o

Would I do it again?  Totally.

The next time, perhaps it’d be a nature jump, into a canyon or something,