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Breaking the 30min Barrier

I DID IT \(^_^)/

PCCW Run results

PCCW Global Charity Run 2015

Phew ~ like freaking FINALLY! 

Ever since I started plodding with the Couch-to-5K program (“C25K”), and reading fitness/running forums, I have always aspired to do a sub-30min 5K.  Perhaps it’s cos everyone and their mother claims to be able to do a sub-30 after completing the C25K, or perhaps it’s everyone and their mother tossing that magical no. out on forums… but there was once that I had the thought that I’ll never consider myself a runner until I break that barrier.

Screw that thought.  While having a personal objective is great, adhering to the standards of the elitist jerks is just way too much unnecessary pressure.  Yes, it might be difficult to ignore the self-righteous, and it is downright demoralizing when folks around you flippantly mention how easy it is, when you mention your goal.  But really… f**k what others say.  (PS. the irony is that despite me saying this, I still set very lofty standards for myself.)


Anyway, I am not here to brag.  I don’t have what it takes to, to begin with.  My running journey since I embarked in 2013 has been one with ups & downs.  Injuries caused my fitness level to fluctuate, as there were months that I couldn’t take to the pavement.  Admittedly, during the months that I was in the green, I never trained as hard as I should either… I just “trained” the hardest I could – running whenever I can drag myself off the couch, increasing the distances, and improving my overall fitness with cross-training.

Am not saying what I did was the “right way”, mind you.  Online guides from experts would stress speedwork & strength training – best to heed their advice.  I was just too lazy, and too unfocussed.

I just got lucky.

The PCCW Global Charity Run was held on a weekday morning – attended it with members of my running group, Little Toys Runners, before heading to the office.


I guess I’d say that the stars aligned that morning.  I was “on form”, in the green.  The weather was nice at 7am… sunny & cool.  The course, along the Gardens by the Bay, was relatively flat (I wouldn’t have scored a PB if the route brought us runners up the Marina Barrage).  Oh ~ and I had peer motivation!  One of my friends was a 35:00 pacer – as pacers flagged off at the start, and it took me slightly more than a min to cross the start line, I had to play a little bit of catch up to overtake him and ‘ran like crazy’ after to maintain my ‘lead’.  LOL ~ I never did see the 30:00 pacers though…

IMG_9563RunKeeper data

Well.  Now that I’ve made it, my next objective is to maintain it.  Looking @ my upcoming runs for next few mths, it doesn’t seem I’ll be doing any 5Ks, but what I will do is try my hardest to keep to sub-30min for my ‘training runs’.  Yeah that means I’ll have to pick up the pace cos I usually go significantly slower when running alone (I absorb energy from fellow runners!).

Should I succeed with that, then perhaps I will start looking into doing a sub-25min… lol seriously though, there are many video games that I’d like to play too  *chuckles*