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Mushroom Garden Seasons

Along with my acquisition of the iphone 6 in December, returned the almost-forsaken addiction with mobile gaming.  With that I am referring to my burning of precious Time (that I cannot honestly spare) by swiping brainlessly @ the screen.  One of the games that I’ve re-downloaded is, Mushroom Garden Seasons – one of the 5 games [more info] that feature the delightful nameko.

Sometime in 2013, I wrote about Mushroom Garden Deluxe.  I have yet to 100% that, if anyone is wondering.  Have re-started playing it too, and as my phone is now performing the way I’d like my gadgets to, am poking around all the other versions as well o(^_^)b

The concept of this game is simple – so much so that I’m on the fence with calling this a “game”… it’s more like an entertainment app?  Haha ~ anyway, basically, u have a log.  You also have funghi food that you tap to activate.  Then sit back, wait for the shrooms to grow and then swipe to harvest.

IMG_8189The main garden screen.

At the lab, you get to select and upgrade your equipment.  There are 9 different sets, with 4 upgrade ranks, in Seasons.  Each set allows you to grow a different group of funghi.


And how do you keep track with the shrooms that you have unlocked?  Well… check the library!  Each shroom has a different name and short little description that will leave one grinning as they read.


That’s about it.  Yep, it really ain’t too complicated and it can be eventually completed in Time.  It is though, strangely addictive and I get a weird sense of satisfaction every time I harvest a shroom.  I guess it’s probably something about their… cute faces LOL

Oh ~ and I’m pleased to say that, I’ve managed to complete this (aka, found ém all) on 12 February 2015!  While this is going into my 35 before 35 list, it probably doesn’t qualify for the shorter-term challenge that I accepted from my partner to complete 5 new games in 2015 (that is on top of TWD Season 1 & Professor Layton: Azran Legacy, I was supposed to finish in 2014).

Whatever, gonna mentally congratulate myself anyway!


Nnf Nnf.