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Sable, the PlayStation 4

Not one of my smartest moves, but the deed is done.

Meet my latest gaming companion, Sable.


I am now once again, a console gamer. Mhmm… ok, a console gamer wannabe, considering I have yet to actually start playing anything on my latest acquisition.

My initial intention was to hold out till FFXV is released, and get a bundle (if available). Ideally by then, I’d have played Sims 4 to my satisfaction, gotten weary of WoW again, given up on D3, installed and attempted a Steam game or 2 AND completed Pokemon Y on the 3DS. I might have succeeded, but now I’ll never know.

Comex is once again in town. Suntec Convention Center. 28-31 August 2014, 12-9pm.

There is a Sony PlayStation booth @ the Gamer’s Hub – game demos (am pretty impressed with DriveClub), sale of the PS4 console and accessories, pre-order available for the Glacier White set… etc.


What piqued my interest was the offer to trade-in an older generation PlayStation, for $100 off the purchase of a PS4. Only valid for the 1st 100 sets, that is. I found my PSOne console (without any cables, controllers or games) and since my partner didn’t need it (he is getting his via a Singtel promo which adds up to $480 for the set), I decided to just bite the bullet and embrace #yolo. He went down early to queue, I requested for an earlier lunch break, scooted down to Suntec, and attained my objective o(^_^)o

IMG_6840Farewell PSOne, we had our times ~

The console + camera bundle was going for S$689. As my partner wanted the camera, I got the bundle instead, with discount, was quickly poorer by S$539. No I didn’t fail Math in school. I was reimbursed for the camera in the form of an Xbox 360 controller for Phoenix – to play some full controller support games I have on Steam. Been procrastinating on that since forever.

It didn’t take too long to decide to name her Sable. Her “twin”, Argent, a glacier white PS4 will be arriving within the next fortnight. Am looking forward to getting some multiplayer action, and will likely to obtain Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition when Argent comes in. Right now Sable is still in her box. Am hoping to get her fixed up over the weekend, download and attempt the PT for the new Silent Hill game.

Time to grip and ramble on a little ~

tbh this is a really BAD time to be getting yet another console. My backlog of 3DS and PC (Steam) games aside, I have a lot on my plate this weekend, the next week… ah heck, I have an overflowing platter the entire month of September!

Gaming-wise, there is The Sims 4 on Tues, my “scheduled” return to Azeroth on Wed, plus the first Season for D3 (PC) starts today. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call will be released on 16 September.

Gaming-aside, I’ll be taking part in my first triathlon (freshman category, that is) next Sunday. The run segment is only 2.4k so I’m not too worried about managing that despite having not run for slightly more than 2mths prior to my little jog on the Monday that just passed. I’m borrowing a bicycle though, so I’ll need some time to get used to it. That means going cycling after work tonight, and another time one evening next week. This weekend I’ll be away most of the day on both, attending my Kayaking 2 Star course.

The most ‘difficult’ task will be the Half Marathon at the end of September. I only have 4 weeks left to train. Increasing my weekly mileage from 10-11k (this was pretty much what I was covering, running 2x a week, till I got injured) to something like 20k is gonna be a bitch. Not to mention I’ll have to do longer long runs.


Why do I sense that once again, I’ve heaped more on my plate than I can digest?