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SITC Hatha Yoga @ One Wellness Fitness Club

Despite having written an entry regarding HPB’s Sunrise in the City (“SITC”) program back in 2014 [here], and mentioning then that I’ve signed up for various classes, it was only earlier this month that I finally attended my 1st freebie class.

Yeah, ashamedly I didn’t manage to generate sufficient willpower to attend those I signed up for back then (so much for ‘ethical commitment’), and I didn’t book any more SITC sessions after the initial trigger friendly week… cos 1. I didn’t think I’ll wake up anyway; 2. it became extremely difficult to secure a spot (at the bigger gyms) after the programme grew in popularity; 3. I signed up with True Fitness who offers various classes in the morning for members anyway.

Anyway, not everyone has a gym membership so when my colleagues mentioned that they wanted to attempt yoga, I pointed them in SITC’s direction and ended up signing up for all the June Hatha Yoga sessions at One Wellness Fitness Club. Gotta mention too that there are more gyms & classes available right now, as compared to back in 2014!

One Wellness logo

Having peers along really works wonders fo sho! Woke up at 6am that morning (1.5hrs earlier than a regular work day), and dragged myself down to Bugis Village to attend the 7:30am session.

The environment was decent.

It is a small place. The facilities were basic – a chill area (which seems kinda homely), the women’s space had 2 toilets, 4 shower stalls, a vanity counter… that’s about it! We were provided with a small towel for our workout, which I used for my shower after too. Not too sure about the other cubicles, but my shower stall’s shampoo & shower gel has run out. I brought my own though, so no worries there. I wasn’t expecting too much since it is a free session tbh.

One Wellness studio

The yoga studio, was kinda cramped – some re-positioning is needed to avoid hitting the person next to me, when doing poses and/or motions that require stretching out of arms. It was also a tad too stuffy for my liking (too accustomed to TF fully air-conned studios maybe?) – there was an air con unit in the room, but it wasn’t turned on.

Lesson-wise, it was good! It was at a lower difficulty level than the classes conducted at TF, but I still got a decent stretch out of it. My colleagues, who are beginners, while felt that some poses were challenging, managed to keep up with the class well.

My verdict?

Well… let’s just say I’ll only attend the classes if my colleagues are going with me. Alone, I’d rather head to TF for more comfort & better shower facilities… not to mention that going to TF will improve the ROI on my monthly sub fees.

However, it’s a great initiative by the HPB to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Those without a gym membership (and are okay with waking up in the mornings) should seriously consider signing up for the SITC classes.