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Nyan ~ going Crazy Cat Lady in Tokyo (=^・ェ・^=)

Tokyo 2013 Day 4: Tuesday 5 November

(PS. Am posting my experiences in Tokyo based on the photographs that I’ve sorted out, hence it will not be in chronological order but I do intend to make summarized “diary entries” of them eventually… for easier navigation & reminiscing.)

After a wonderful day hike @ Mt Mitake, I decided to just take it easy for the rest of the evening.  One of the best forms of relaxation is to just do… “nothing”!  Well ~ I’d have gone for a massage or a facial or a mani-pedicure if I were in Thailand or Vietnam (due to strong currency conversion, prices are alot cheaper there) but as services like that don’t come cheap in Tokyo, the best option is to go chill in a café… and hey, Tokyo is a haven for themed cafés!

There are specific “brand cafés” such as the Gundam Cafe and AKB48 Cafe at Akihabara.  Then there are those who cater to uhh… fetishes like the maid & butler cafés.  Plus there are those with animals such as rabbit cafés and cat cafés!  Am sure there are more types of similar enterprises, but those are the few that I’ve come across during this year’s trip.  As I’m not exactly a Gundam fan (it’s cool… but that’s about it) and I think AKB48 are annoying (sorry!), those 2 are definitely off my list though J would dearly love to visit them.  Maid cafés might be interesting but I don’t have a fantasy to be served by cutesy girls wearing French maid costumes, and same applies for the butler ones… so it just leaves the animal themed options!

No, you don’t get waitresses dressed as kitties.  WTF.

A cat café is basically a café… with cats!  Patrons pay a cover charge and get to spend time lounging in a comfortable setting surrounded by felines.  Loads of felines.  Depending on the establishment, a drink may or may not be included.

The one we visited is Calico Cat Café in Shinjuku.  Rates were ¥1,000 for the 1st hour, and ¥150 for subsequent 10min.  There was also a package of ¥1,300 for 90min, ¥1,500 for 2hrs and ¥2,500 for an unlimited duration – more details can be found on their website (soz, think the website is in Japanese only but Google translate probably works…).

Cat Cafe 01

It was a place, that is guaranteed to bring out the crazy cat lady in anyone.  Any cat lover, that is.  There were like 20-ish in total, of different breeds (i.e. Russian blue, Maine Coon, Ragdoll… etc.), all well-groomed and beautiful.  Just look at these kittehs!!!

Cat Cafe 02

The café comprises of 2 levels – the upper resembling more of an entertainment room, with beanie chairs and a television (that was not turned on), the lower having actual tables & couches that patrons can sit to have their drinks.  Drink rates were pretty reasonable.  I had a cold orange juice for ¥200.  There was also an option to purchase treats to feed the cats with but we opted not to… even though that was like the only way to get the cats to crowd around you.  The cats, being cats, despite not being shy of strangers, were aloof and don’t seem to like being petted very much.  That is unless you have the treats in your hand.

Well, I was content with taking photographs – if I want a nice purring affectionate kitty, I’ve got one in the form of Ah Meow (yes, that’s his name) at home o(^_^)o

Cat Cafe 04A sleek and slender Russian Blue

Cat Cafe 03A Ragamuffin (if I’m not wrong).  This lady is definitely one of the prettiest cats there imo :Þ

I was especially taken by the Maine Coons.  I have never seen one up close before, and gosh they are HUGE!  I know they are big breeds, but I didn’t think they would be this big!  Gee ~ they are larger than many of the toy breed dogs commonly seen in Singapore.  And they are gorgeous ❤

Cat Cafe 06This dude reminds me a lot of Meow due to his coloring

Cat Cafe 07And this hunk is just one gentle giant

Going off topic a little, cat owners are pretty uncommon in Singapore, mainly cos the Housing Development Board (“HDB”) prohibits us from keeping them as pets in HDB apartments… and guess what?  The majority of Singaporeans live in HDB apartments as they are the most “affordable” forms of housing.  The reasons given for the ban, are retarded (and I’m already being polite).  Just read them if you don’t believe me.  Small dogs and human babies/children are allowed though… so yeah.  F**king idiots.

*takes a deep breath to keep calm…*

Anyway, we (Princess E joined us for this and was stalking the cats trying to cuddle them – she failed lol) ended up spending 2hrs in the cat café before we got too hungry and decided to leave for dinner.  It was an amazing experience and hey ~ it even got me taking selfies with a cat since my other 2 human companions were too occupied to assist me with that!

Cat Cafe 05

LOL this fella is the only one who kept still enough to do this.  He has an unchanging dour expression, but tolerates being petted (unlike the others who will just slink away) and acts as if he doesn’t give a ****.

Like a boss!