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Selecting a Half Marathon Training Plan

Now that I have pretty much made up my mind (it wasn’t a spur of the moment thingy considering it is one of my 2014 running goals) to enter the SCMS Half Marathon in December 2014, all that is required now is to train… and training is easier said than done. Heck. The thought of training is even worse than the thought of jogging-walking the entire 21km one race day /cackle.

The huge question now: to use one of those training plans gotten off the Net, or not.

Pros of a Training Plan

– Brings structure and mini-goals to training. Getting thru’ a week can be motivating.

– Designed by running coaches and experts, who should know what they are talking about and hence is likely to be a ‘safer’ way to train.

Cons of a Training Plan

– There is just too much training. The plans I’ve seen require training for 6 days per week – be it running or xt. WTF… I actually DO have a life aside from running (._.)

Bleh, prior to deciding whether I’ll adopt a plan or otherwise, out of the handful I’ve looked at, I’m eyeing a Hal Higdon 12 week Novice 1 Half Marathon Training Program and Runner’s World 10 week Half Marathon Training.

Should I end up choosing a program, I’ll definitely make a couple of amendments here and there, to accommodate my short vacation to Yogyakarta in Oct and whatever plans I’ll end up making (i.e. hiking, kayaking, social… etc.). Will likely to stretch the recommended programs over 16 weeks to allow myself more ‘breathing space’.

That being said, whatever my decision, I’ll have to start building up my fitness right now by gradually increasing my running distance & running frequency each week. Have begun to maintain a running log sheet, based on RunKeeper data, on Google docs… [here] to stay accountable.

Judging at how things are going right now, there is a high probability that I will have to wake earlier in the mornings to fit in my runs, as evenings are required for gym sessions. That, or reduce my social activities (when the heck did I start becoming so socially active anyway?); or drag myself out after dinner/movie to run before I sleep. Gahh… that’s a lot of gaming time I gotta give up!

I swear I’m just gonna do a Full Marathon eventually, ONCE… then stick to 5k & 10ks for the rest of my Life.

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