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2015 Resolutions

Much as I wish to declare that my only resolution for 2015 is to NOT have any resolutions, that ain’t gonna happen.  I am gonna make resolutions like everyone and their mother is doing and I don’t care if anyone else cares.  LOL

Before anything though, without going into excessive detail, let’s see how I did in 2014 [the list].

1.  Try embrace Normalcy occasionally. Tried, didn’t like, reverted to being Me.
2.  Be a positive, optimistic, kind person. Uhhmm… maybe? lol ~
3.  Take pleasure in the little things in Life. Accomplished.
4.  Strengthen existing bonds, forge new ones. Accomplished.
5.  Reduce my body fat % to 19%, and maintain it. Not. Even. Close.

fist pump baby meme

My success rate ain’t too bad huh?  Now that is over and done with, bring on the New Year \(^_^)/


I desperately need a kick on this aspect.  I don’t earn enough.  I spend too much (in relation to my income).  I don’t do anything about it.  That is bad.  I NEED to start saving… like really saving – for a place of my own, for my retirement funds, for possible rainy days in the future… not just setting aside $ that I blow on my next vacation or big ticket purchase.

grumpy cat accounting

Have Savings:  Spent some Time tinkering around with iXpenseIt and managed to come up with a budget that I’d try my best to stick too.  Ideally, I will able to set aside a small amount each month for pure savings on top of amassing funds for the larger items and travelling.  It won’t be much, but it’s a start.

Secure A Better Paying Job:  I need to stop lamenting about my low-paying job and start searching.  I’ll strive to have a LinkedIn profile set up, have a general resume done up by the end of this month, and make at least 2 job applications per week.  What a chore, ugh!


The one thing that is more important than money is Health.  This year, I will…

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Eat Better:  All that fried greasy food for breakfast (i.e. bee hooon, spring rolls, curry puff… etc.) clearly ain’t good.  Will do more cooking/preparation of meals from home.  Gonna start small with brekkie twice weekly, and build up to brekkie 3x/week + a home cooked meal at least once weekly.  Not too sure if it’ll be lighter on the wallet (Singapore’s hawker food is very affordable), but it allows me more control over what goes into my body.

Exercise More:  Or rather, skip scheduled work outs less.  Self-explanatory.

Sleep More:  Started using a Jawbone Up not too long ago and I’ve more often than not fallen short of my sleep goal of 6h per night.  This will not do.  Gonna strive for 5/7 days hitting the target per week, and eventually (hopefully) increase my nightly goal to 7h while keeping within the same success rate.


friendship ecard

Have done good in 2014 on this sector.  Goal for 2015 is to continue meeting new people, while maintaining current friendships (i.e. scheduling catch ups, dinners… etc.) and re-connecting with those from the past – took the first step by joining my Sec School Alumni’s FB group, now to start reaching out!


relationship meme

coaster year for this one.  My current rship, while giving me much joy at times, is also contributing to much pain and anger.  We are 2 fundamentally very different people.  While opposites might attract, do they last?  While it takes 2 hands to clap in a rship, for this year, my resolution is to be able to make the difficult decision, should the need arise.

PS.  Pardon the lame “BGR” tag, I can’t think of anything better to label this.


I need to love myself more, give less of a f**k to insignificant matter, and just… let things happen.  Ehh… actually I need to think about this further.

That’s it.  Yeah, this is like all me-me-me… but ah well!  It does seem like heaps to uphold though.  Not gonna stress myself out too much trying cos what’s the worst that can happen?  Fail every single one and swear off resolutions for 2016.  Hahaha ~ have a great year everyone!