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Full Marathon Training Plan (yes… ANOTHER training plan)

Am cringing inwardly as I write this.

This ain’t the 1st time (and likely won’t be the last) I’ve attempted to follow a training plan.  My sub-30 5k plan didn’t work out… I have yet to do a sub-30 5k, and probably ain’t gonna succeed anytime soon.  Heck, I don’t even remember if I’ve started it.  Contemplating to adopt one for my 1st Half Marathon [here] led to nothing either and I only bothered to log my runs for slightly more than a month.  SoooOOOooo… why do I think this time is gonna be any different from the past fails?

Uhmmm… *shrug*

I have selected one that I got off Runner’s World, adapted it a little to fit my schedule and inserted an additional week due to a planned Mt Apo hike in late April.  Did all that with the hopes that I’ll actually see something thru’ for once… and I’m having doubts due to the obscene amount of running involved.  Anyway, here goes:-

Full Marathon Training Plan W1-6Week 1 – 6 : am already mentally staggering @ the week totals

Full Marathon Training Plan W6.5-11Week 6.5 – 11 : and it just gets… harder

Full Marathon Training Plan W12-16Week 12 – 16 : (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

It’s mentioned specifically on the plan that it’s designed for someone who fits the following criteria:-

  1. “has been running for at least one year” – started in late 2013, check;
  2. “has run at least one half-marathon” – done 3 till date, check; and
  3. “been regularly running about 20 miles per week for the last three months” – what? I don’t even do 20km per week, fail; OR
  4. “can run at least eight miles” – this is my salvation, if you call the pace I’m doing it as running, that is!

With my IT band hurting (am seeing a sports doc & doing physio for this), I have doubts if I’ll be up for all that mileage.  *sigh*  Training is something I have to do though, if I don’t wanna suffer too badly during the Gold Coast Marathon in July.

I’m doomed.  glhf to me.