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CNY Walk along the Green Corridor

For those old enough to remember, Malaysia used to be accessible via railway.  I vaguely remember taking an overnight train when I was really young… and while I don’t remember much of the experience, I am pretty sure I lost one of my then best friends on board – I just can’t remember it if was Horsey or the plush Pencil (Pencily was his name?) >.<

These days, the railway lines no longer operate, and the railway lands now form the Green Corridor, connecting various green spaces and stretching from the now defunct Tanjong Pagar Railway Station all the way to the North [more information].  Judging from the frequency of walks being organized by Meetup groups, it is a pretty popular hiking trail for Singaporeans.

On the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year (“CNY”), I opted to tag along with the friend I had a fight with (yeah it’s complicated… but we moved past that incident and are now relatively cordial towards one another) to traverse the Green Corridor, instead of staying home and working on my next Pokémon gym badge.  It wasn’t my 1st visit to the Green Corridor.  Have been there twice before, once on a different route and the other was somewhat similar, but done in the reverse direction.

This time, the “journey” began @ the old Bukit Timah Railway Station.


It started off as a walk in the park – a clear dirt path, open greenery, flat terrain.  Considering it was quite a distance from the main road, and being surrounded by all that plants… the air quality was great!


THEN… we decided to wander off the “main path” into the more ‘forested’ area and the rest of the hike was pretty much undergrowth, mud… and more mud!  The “climax” being a walk thru’ a small tunnel where a torch was needed by midway and where basically everyone ended up ankle deep or higher in muck.  And yes, it was heaps load of fun, and it sure does beat having to entertain relatives  *chuckles*
All that green is definitely a sight for sore eyes ~
My sense of balance is horrid, pretty much went splosh after a few steps
That tunnel…

Oh… and the reward @ the end is this pretty cool view of the river and park around the Clementi area (am unsure what that place is really called).  It’s too bad that my camera had ran outta battery by then – or am sure I’d have taken some tt looks way nicer 😀

IMG_5847 (1)

PS. It is a shame that I will not be able to attend the Green Corridor Run 2014 that I have already registered for.  Forgot that it was supposed to be held on 18 May… instead RSVP-ed and paid the deposit for a 6D5N leisure trip (this I have no doubt that it’ll be relatively easy, judging from the fitness lvl of others in the group) to Surabaya, Indonesia via Meetup.  Oops!  But looking @ things on the bright side, I’ll be checking out Mt Bromo & Ijen \(^_^)/