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Mountains, Waterfall, the Sundown Marathon… then a sprained ankle, Diablo III: RoS and the World Cup 2014

The minutes and hours in the office crawl, but time flies on the general.  Yet another month (and some) has passed since my last update.

During which, I did quite a bit of stuff… the highlight of it all was probably the 6D5N trip to Indonesia where I visited Mt. Bromo & Ijen, had an amazing white water rafting experience, did some diving after more than a year of inactivity on that front. and made a few new friends whom I have already made future travel plans with (Mt. Rinjani and Fansipan yay!!!).  Not to jinx it, but I think I might have found someone too… lol o(^_^)o

White water raftingChilling out at a waterfall during white water rafting

A week after, I was off to Sungai Lembing where I was blessed to experience the Rainbow Falls and sunrise at Panorama Hill… the places were gorgeous.  The best part being, it was a weekend trip, not too energy draining so it was like… awesome experience for little effort LOL

panorama hillPanorama Hill, Photograph courtesy of a travel mate

PS. My intention is to upload travel pix and chronicle my travel experience in more detail… in due course.  Keeping fingers crossed that I’ll find the time though – considering that I’ve been much busy in the office (no, have yet to resign… though that is inevitable in the near future) and a tad sleep deprived due to gaming & the World Cup.

Then there was also the Sundown Marathon that took place on 31 May 2014. 

It’s one of Singapore’s largest running events.  This year saw about 30,000 participants, with 9,000 in the full marathon category [source].  It’s a shame that the the specific no. of participants for the Female 10k category are unknown – have dropped the organizers an fb message but I didn’t get a response (boo).

Nett time 01:06:53, rank 232.  Am I even in the top 10%?  LOL ~ yes, running is pretty much a solo sport, and I’m not doing it real competitively but it matters to me.


Attended the run with fellow Meetup.com peeps (hosted an event on one of the groups I’m in), and we had an awesome post-race chill out with nice cool beer @ Paulaner, Millenia Walk.  Am glad to say that the bulk of us got along smashing and are now looking to take part in future races together… which leads me to the next part.


What in the world was I thinking?  I had planned to do a half this year, but the goal was for the Standard Chartered Half in December!  I never expected to be running 3 mths earlier than intended!

September 28, 2014 is the day of reckoning.  The Straits Times Run @ The Hub 2014.  I was hyped upon signing up.  There was some good time till the event, and I was hoping to utilize a training plan with some tweaking to suit my schedule… but I guess, that’s totally outta the question at this point of time.

2 Saturdays ago, on the 7th, I stupidly sprained my left ankle.  Yes.  STUPIDLY.  I walked off a kerb, landed real bad all because I was trying to call someone on my mobile.  I was pissed.  I went to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor (“TCM”) who rubbed my ankle, then gave me some herb paste plaster to apply along with a solution to soak my feet in nightly… I had 3 consultations till date, and it was expensive (the cost of another short vacation).

Being totally broke aside, I was forced to skip the Lion’s Dash on the 8th … which I have been so looking forward to taking part in, and I won’t be able to run this weekend at the Jurong Lake Run (I’ll walk the 6km).  Gah.  Needless to say, I haven’t been running since the incident, and will probably be unable to do it for another week or 2.  /sigh.  Much as I’d love to push my boundaries, I wouldn’t wanna fk up the recovery.  Mt Fuji is in 4 weeks.  I need my ankle to be 100% by then.

Not getting my regular endorphin fix is starting to make me a tad edgy – I’ve skipped going to the gym the entire of last week too… intending to do so tomorrow for some upper body work.  Being grounded with all that restless energy, and now having new motivation, I returned to Sanctuary after a long hiatus (I quit a couple of weeks after D3 release cos I got tired of hitting the brick wall which was Inferno Act II).

FYI, I did pre-order RoS.  I simply procrastinated getting started as I didn’t have a compelling reason to do so.  The reason came in the form of my new Nephalem partner.  Upon return from the Indonesia trip, I casually mentioned to him that I’d like to finally play D3 and asked if he’d wanna join me.  He didn’t commit then as he was actually waiting to play it on the PS4 instead, but on the weekend that I went to Sungai Lembing, he obtained the expansion and rolled his sader.  So how can I say no anymore?  :Þ

D3Our first day of gaming together ^_^

He eventually got a new desktop (he uses a laptop) just so we can play together at his place… and yep, now we are.  It’s great having someone to game with, finally, and I can feel the gamer part of me stirring.  Hey ~ I still do have the intention of fitting in my runs and workouts when my ankle heals k… but right now, am just using it as a legit reason to be lazy.

Furthermore, it’s the World Cup period.  I’ve been watching at least a match each day, and it’s costing me a good amount of sleep.  12am, 3am, 6am and the occasional 9am – those are the times the games are being held in my timezone so yeah, go figure.  The only consolation is that my Nephalem partner has a dual monitor set up so we can do some stuff on D3 while watching the game… that is when I bunk over (not every day!)

Oh ~ which team I’m supporting?  GO JAPAN!!!!! 😀

japan pokemon WC