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World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary Event @ Zouk

Come One, Come All!  Attend the Darkmoon Faire!

Once a week, every month, the portal to Darkmoon Faire opens, granting access to players of both factions to Darkmoon Island where there are profession quests, fun mini-games, pet battle challenges and performances by The Tauren Chieftains, vendors selling toys, heirlooms, faire food, and stuff.  /cackle it’s one in-game event that I religiously attend each month, just cos it’s heaps of fun!

Oh… and last night, courtesy of Blizzard, the Darkmoon Faire came to Singapore!  \(^_^)/ #wowis10

Held at one of the biggest club venues, Zouk, was the World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary event… and I managed to find a party to go down to join the celebrations!

An event was set up on FB, with a link to RSVP.  During RSVP there was an option to request for invitation cards to be sent to our mailing address irl.  Of cos I did ~ and check it out…

Invitation card

Freaking cool, huh?!  Gosh I was expecting to receive a simple postcard of sorts, but looks like Blizzard didn’t spare any expense on that part ~ kudos to the event management team! ❤

So yeah, headed down to Zouk after a nice dinner @ Poulet, Great World City, where I met up with Aphrael and got introduced to Pastor & Sheerlock (?), along with their kids Varian & Vareessa.  Yes ~ the couple named their kids after WoW characters how awesome is that?  I’d probably name my children (assuming I’d end up having some) after game characters too, but hey… that’s another story for another time  *chuckles*

Righto.  The event.


Gosh ~ there was a really fabulous turn-out, the mood and energy were generally great!  And like the Darkmoon Faire, there were peeps of both factions taking part in the games.  Members of the Alliance and the Horde (we were given colored glowstick wristbands upon entry for “identification”), side-by-side, even cheering each other on!  Now who says gaming breeds violence?  Much love was witnessed last nite!  LOL

There were 5 game stations (sorry I was too excited to be taking any photographs & Ghost doesn’t really work well in low light situations) done Darkmoon Faire style that include the ring toss, wack-a-gnoll, shooting gallery (too bad there wasn’t the Tonk battle).  Players are given a game card to collect stamps from each station, simply by playing – of cos successfully attaining the objectives grants you more.  Completing a card with 15 stamps grants us a roll @ the wheel, where there’s a chance to win either Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary loot + an entry to the Hourly Lucky Draw & Grand Draw.  The best part is, there isn’t a limit to the no. of entries!  Anndddd… the ultimate prize for the Grand Draw was a Doomhammer replica!  OMFG – too bad I didn’t win it  /flop

I turned in 2 cards.  For my first spin, the needle landed on Common, and I was given a Warlords of Draenor poster – splendid, since I didn’t bring my invitation card.  The second spin landed on Legendary!  OMG!!  I was given a choice between a tankard stein and faction flags.  This is what I ended up with…

Alliance FlagGosh, Aph hates me now lol ~ 

Game stations aside, attendees were given a drink coupon to redeem a non-alcoholic beverage at the bar; complimentary popcorn, cotton candy & hot dogs; there was free face painting; and a temporary tattoo station.

Alliance tattooFor The Alliance! 

I’d say though, the highlight of the night was the Dance Off.  Random peeps were chosen by the emcee (this multilingual dude was really awesome – funny & engaging but not to the extent of being cheesy like some can be!) to step up to the podium in the midst of whatever was left of the dance floor to perform a dance chosen by the deejay.  Basically a vid was put up on the big screen, and the players will have to replicate the dance.  Saw the moves of the NE male, Human Female, Gnome Male… etc. and of cos, the Draenei Male (best one imo)!  /dance

Ah yes… I too had the opportunity to get my WoD poster signed by the 2 visiting Blizzard game developers, Gary Planter & Jared Gillis!  They are soooOOooo friendly!  Got a photograph taken too!


Gosh ~ this is like the 1st time I’ve attended an official game event, and here’s hoping that it won’t be the last!  Such an opportunity to do some “networking” haha.  Acquainted myself with 2 dudes in front of me at the game card redemption queue, gave them my RealIDs and they added me on Bnet last nite (one of them plays on Frostmourne ally too!).  Also chatted with a Blizzard employee (gosh… am so envious, would love to work for Blizzard someday) who was involved in the organization of the event (gj babe!).  Would definitely mingle around more next time

Group Picture

\(^_^)o Thank you Blizzard, for an Epic Evening IRL! o(^_^)/

Ahead of You, Down the Path
A Majestic, Magical Faire!
Ignore the Darkened, Eerie Woods
Ignore the Eyes That Blink and Stare
Fun & Games & Wondrous Sights!
Music & Fireworks to Light Up the Night!
Do Not Stop! You’re Nearly There!
Behold, My Friend: THE DARKMOON FAIRE!