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Zombies, Run! S01 Supply Mission 1: Decoy Duty, and a new Distance Record!

It’s been raining quite a bit in Singapore these days, due to it being the monsoon season. And when I say “rain” I don’t mean light drizzles that revitalize you while you run, I mean showers (and downpours) that get you soaked within minutes of heading outdoors. Hence when I noticed that the weather was looking good last evening, I ditched my gym (yoga) plans and took to the pavements instead – I can always go to Pilates later today, if I manage to summon sufficient will power. lol ~ well, I just bought a Nintendo 3DS yesterday with Pokemon Y so…

Anyway, as I’ve already done my 5km jog this week (on Mon evening), my intention was to do a simple 3-4km jog which will take probably about 20-25 minutes. Including the distance walking to and fro from my start/end points, that should require me to spend at the max 1hr outdoors, leaving me ample time to watch some eps of Dexter S8 while working on the Mew cross stitch project am currently on and after that, hopefully have an hour or 2 prior to bedtime to fiddle with the 3DS.

Hence instead of a regular mission, I opted to do a supply run.

I’m still progressing thru’ Season 1, being the slowpoke I am, and even before restarting my ZR progress upon graduating from Z5K, I have never done a supply mission. Am of the impression that supply missions are designed to be shorter than the regular ones, for the days players do not wish to run as much. Sounds perfect, I reckoned. Plus since this is gonna be a “shorter” run than usual, I might as well turn on the zombie chases to rack up some progress on the achievements (yep, this is the obsessive gamer part of me speaking)!


Plugged in my earphones, and off I went, with the 1st zombie chase taking place like 3min into the game. Gosh, I have forgotten how difficult and pace-breaking those events are! Was breathless by the end of the 1st chase and developed a slight stitch on my right. I fought off the temptation to walk though, and just jogged (miserably slow) on. Thankfully the stitch fixed itself after a little, and it took me a while to catch my breath again just in time for the next zombie chase. Argh!

Well… I ran, and I ran… and I ran… and ran… and WTF? When is this ever gonna end? It’s been more than 30min and I am nearing the 5km mark based on RunKeeper. Wasn’t this supposed to be shorter than a regular mission? I got to the end of my planned route and had to improvise to continue. I ran some more till I eventually gave up and slowed to walk. My feet were feeling weird and my calves were starting to ache. I terminated my RunKeeper when I stopped running and these were the “results”:-


6.26km. The longest I’ve ever jogged without stopping/walking. New record, get! \(^_^)/

As I mistakenly thought that it shouldn’t be too much longer before the end of the supply run, I left app running even while I was walking. It was only till I got a zombie horde notification and was stuck at a traffic light that I eventually gave up and pressed [Stop Mission]. It was then, that I heard the final clip of the mission – that I did a great job luring the zombs away from Abel and that I could head back. I swear, if I wasn’t wearing glasses, dripping with sweat and exhausted, I’d have /facepalm myself for real.


Apparently, unlike regular missions, the Supply Missions DO NOT END. They are designed to go on (though I don’t think it will last forever… anyone wants to try this out?) till the player stops it manually. /chokes on blood. I wish I had found out sooner… like before embarking on one. That pretty much cost me my 3DS time for the night – only managed to set up the Internet connection with my home wifi (with a lot of password trial & error) and then plugged it in to charge b4 I had to turn in for the night. It’s gonna be difficult to not rush home directly after work to play later! /prods self to the gym… LOL


Yesterday evening, I was once again Runner 5.