Ironman 70.3 Bintan – A brand new Journey

Sometime in Oct 2017, during one of my manic phases that followed a pretty bad depressive mood crash, I was so equipped with delusions of grandeur that I did something stupid. I signed up for a Half Ironman.

Event: Ironman 70.3 Bintan
Doomsday: 19 Aug 2018.


While I have been dipping my toes into the triathlon world since 2014 (Tri-Factor freshmen category), till date I have never successfully completed an Olympic Distance (“OD”). Under my belt are 3 Sprints – one with the bike leg cancelled due to heavy rain. My maiden attempt with an OD was the TriFactor Triathlon in 2017, which I DNFed on the run segment… only completing 1 out of 2 loops due to much pain in my stomach, and sharp pain at my sides during inhalation (that I later realized was flatulence).

Yep, I’m f**ked.

The Plan – Becos Things Always Look Good On Paper

I sought advice from an IM friend of mine who sent me a 6 mth training plan, which I intend to use as a guide to work out a training schedule for myself. It’s a great plan, really, that incorporates interval trainings for run and different training styles for swim. While I’m unsure whether I am able to swim that way in a public pool (cos it looks strange & might interfere with other swimmers) am gonna try insert some track work into my schedule.

To summarize, am gonna try fitting in each week: 2 rides, 2 runs, 2 swims, 1 body pump session, 1 yoga session. At least.

Guess that pretty much means I’ll have to train 6 days per week + both mornings and evenings on some days. Assuming I don’t get fired from my current job – not performing really well during probation but that’s another story for another day… and I am already trying my best.

Week 1 (19-25 Feb) Schedule

Mon: Rest
Tue: Evening Recovery Run 4-5km (comfy)
Wed: AM BodyPump + PM Swim 30L (comfy)
Thu: AM Ride (mid-hard) + AM Run 8-10km (comfy)
Fri: AM Yoga + PM Swim 40L (comfy)
Sat: AM Social Ride
Sun: AM Ride (mid-hard)

I feel tired already looking at that, ROFL, and tbh I have already failed miserably on some days. Let’s see what happens of the rest of the week and will update then!